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Foodshelf, a fresh look at contemporary kitchen design

Foodshelf has been designed by Scavolini in partnership with Ora-Ito. The ethos behind this design places the kitchen at the heart of the home. It enables the design to be developed throughout the home. Foodshelf is the innovative response to contemporary home design solutions. The kitchen and living area become more “fluid” and multifunctional and their characteristics tend to merge. This design concept also allows base and wall units of different colours to be combined, subdividing the kitchen into “graphic” blocks while retaining its modular structure. This allows the creation of innovative compositions, with unusual, attractive chromatic and architectural effects.

In this model Scavolini have included the possiblility to add 'Switch' cupboards in line with the new trend to have small appliances hidden away in a 'workstation' type cabinet that can conceal them when not in use.  Ask us to show you the possibilities when you call in, as this is an option available accross many of our models. With Foodshelf continuity of styling can be achieved across the entire home. Modules are available for the living room, the kitchen and other domestic spaces. Contact us for a free design and quote.

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