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Diesel Social Kitchen

The Diesel Social Kitchen

The Diesel Social Kitchen is a truly individual kitchen within our range. It is the result of a collaboration between the iconic fashion design brand Diesel and Scavolini, which has produced a unique and beautiful kitchen featuring sophisticated quality materials which combine to create a stylish and very adaptable kitchen area in which to cook, eat and live.  A space where families and friends can socialise, which is perfect for today's lifestyles.

Vintage inspired pieces and innovative materials have come together in this kitchen where wood and metal finishes have been processed to give a timeworn look, reinforcing a retro concept.  A large number of variations are available within the cabinet range ensuring an inifinite number of original and unique combinations, such as open bases, and mid height units.  As with all Scavolini kitchens, there is a choice of carcass colours in 18mm thick MDF. 22mm thick doors are available in a number of wood colours, plus there are metal doors in drip metal and spotless metal finishes.  Wired glass used in some cabinets further reinforces the industrial chic of this design.  Adding a blackboard panel door would add further interest.  Add in the eclectic styled handles in a choice of metal finishes and you begin to see the endless ways of putting together this design for your own home.  The unique profile on the worktop edge perfectly frames the cabinets, and there is also the option to have an integrated sink made from the metal finish if desired.

There is also a collection of freestanding 'Misfit' furniture items  which complement the eclectic look creating a contemporary classic that will be a joy to live in.

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