Switch Cupboards

We have a very stylish design solution for the small appliance cupboard which is trending with many kitchen designers just now. Scavolini have introduced the Switch cupboard to many of their contemporary ranges  
Scavolini kitchens in Thame
switch cupboards
Switch cupboards enable you to hide away the working kitchen when its not in use, with retractable doors, which slide into cavities alongside the cupboards. This means that when you are using the various working parts of the kitchen, the doors are not obstructing you in your work. Switch cabinets in Ki You choose how to best make use of these spaces: cabinets can be configured to hold up to 4 appliances, or you may be looking for somewhere permanent (but not on show) for the coffee machine or food mixer, so its available but not cluttering up your worktops. Switch cabinets in Ki doors closed Its the ideal solution for the minimalist look, as when not in use, with doors closed, a neat streamlined appearance is achieved,
switch cupboard shelf
switch cupboard shelf
  ...but we have to live after all, and everything we need is close to hand when required. The interior shelf can be pulled out making a very useful preparation area. Depending on your preference this shelf can be made from veneerd wood or steel.  Like wise the cupboard interior can be matched to your scheme with several options available.       Ask us for details on the various options available.  Tel 01844 261768 for more information Save Save Save

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