Why Stoneworld Sell Scavolini Kitchens

Back in 2011 when Stoneworld started to research the possibilities of adding a kitchen range to our Thame showroom,  a group of employees went to look at Scavolini Kitchens in Pesaro,  Italy.

From the start we were impressed.

The Scavolini business

Scavolini is a family business that was started in 1961 by 2 brothers.  Today the President of the business is still Valter Scavolini, one of the founders.  Fabiana Scavolini, is Chief Exectutive today.  It is still very much a family affair despite the fact that they are a worldwide business.

We liked that.  We are a family business ourselves.  When we visit Scavolini in Italy, we are treated with great hospitality by the family and business representatives, as if we are part of the family.

The quality of a Scavolini kitchen

Over the years we have seen many examples of kitchen cabinetry during Stoneworld's installation of granite and quartz worktops for other businesses.  What immediately struck us when we went to Scavolini was the robust build applied to every Scavolini kitchen.  So many inferior kitchens are not built to the rigorous specificitaion that Scavolini applies to its products.  They are built to last many years.

In Italy, homeowners take their kitchens with them when they sell their property and move on.  The Italian market therefore  demands that a kitchen can withstand installation, removal, transportation and reinstallation.  In the UK we don't do that, but we do benefit from the build strength applied to a Scavolini kitchen.

Every Scavolini kitchen cabinet arrives fully built, and expertly packaged to withstand the journey.  If handles are present, they will be packaged separately to protect the rest of the consignment from damage, but because the cabinets are fully assembled, this will dramatically reduce the build time on a Scavolini kitchen compared to many other brands.

The materials used to build a Scavolini kitchen are many and varied giving the customer a fabulous opportunity to create a unique kitchen for their home.  Currently there are 30 models with a total of 250 finishes between them. All finishes are applied to exacting quality standards with strong ecological credentails that ensure durability for many years.

Take for instance the carcass material.  Constucted from 18mm thick Idroleb Ecological Panels, which are constructed from recyled materials and have minimal emissions, the carcass of a Scavolini kitchen is strong and can withstand water absorption (less than 10% swelling in a 24 hour period)

Drawers are constructed to take dynamic weight loads of 50kg, which is exceptional. Plus they are fitted with anti-tip mechanisms for safety.

Ask us to show you Scavolini credentials regarding the meticulous application of paint finishes to create a long lasting and durable surface.

The environmental credentials of a Scavolin kitchen

Scavolini adhere to a self imposed set of environmental credentials that they call Scavolini Green Mind.  At Stoneworld we particularly like their approach to keeping the carbon footprint as low as possible, where possible. We can show you the various policies adopted by Scavolini which respect the environment.

The style of a Scavolini kitchen

Visit our showroom!  That's the best way to experience the Italian Sense of Beauty!

Scavolini kitchens are exceptionally stylish, and that is what clinched it for us.

We were very excited at the prospect of offering our customers beautifully designed kitchens without breaking the bank.  Scavolini kitchens offer the customer enough options across a range of price points, giving everyone the opportunity to own a stylish kitchen that you will love.

There are luxurious designs within the range.  There are also plenty of options that offer econimical solutions without compromising on style.

Scavolini constantly update the finishes in their ranges to keep abreast of design trends

The Scavolini No Problem Guarantee

There is rarely a problem with a Scavolini kitchen due to the rigorous research that has gone in to the design and build processes.

The Scavolini No Problem guarantee is there to protect the customer and give peace of mind, on the rare occasion that something goes wrong with the build quality.