Spotlight on Fluida

FLUIDA by Scavolini can be used in many ingenious ways. Use it to integrate kitchen and living areas, or define areas of the home by creating freestanding partitions, or, create completely independent modular structures around the home.
Scavolini Fluida living room furniture structure in Thame showroom
Fluida living room furniture structure near Oxford
Scavolini furniture
Fluida integrated
Scavolini living room furniture in Thame showroom, near Aylesbury
Scavolini Motus furniture for living rooms
      Fluida creates a natural transition in furniture, linking rooms and spaces with continuity.  The living room then becomes a connected space to the kitchen.  Being modular, Fluida allows a system which can be either independent, matching or integrated, depending on individual needs. You can buy with confidence as Scavolini designs and technical solutions are always superior and structures are robust ensuring  long and durable life of furniture. Scavolini always uses carefully selected materails that are both durable and safe for both people and the environment.  this is achieved without compromising style, right down to the smallest detail. Furniture becomes arcitecture when used as partitioning to separate rooms in the home.  You have the freedom to design a unique space for your home, equiping your Fluida with open spaces, hinged doors, or drawers, perfectly suited to your lifestyle.  You will reclaim your living space with stylish solutions to the clutter of everyday life, creating areas for calm relaxation. Fluida enables you to create character in your home, whilst providing logical solutions, enabling one room to provide multiple living spaces. By using beautiful materials, essential elements can become design features taking centre stage in a composition. Spaces can be made special with flair and imagination.  See more ideas Speak to Stoneworld Kitchens  about your requirements and we will help you design your perfect living space to enhance your home. Save Save

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